XT Coreless

The XT Coreless is an innovative pre stretch film developed with Nanotechnology!

XTCORELESS ® Developed with Nanotechnology

The XT Coreless is an innovative pre stretch film developed with Nanotechnology to meet the ever increasing hand film needs of the market.

Environmental friendly, the XT Coreless allows you to wrap more pallets with less film thus reducing to a great extent the cost per pallet.

The XT Coreless increases load stability using less film. Produced with 33 layers, it is a lighter, yet stronger film. It is easy to apply and makes no noise.


Developed with Nanotechnology, the XT Coreless is a pre stretch hand film which can be optimized with the use of the LitewrapperXT.

This dispenser allows an additional 30% of stretch thus reducing the material used and costs. The LiteWrapperXT was developed to be used in an ergonomic way.

Our qualified distributors provide on-site training for your operators in implementation of the LiteWrapperXT's use, to get the best results.

Advantages of the product

Cost savings

Ergonomic use

Security and stability

Fixed comsumption

Less storage costs

Less stock

Waste reduction

Fast wrapped pallets in a simple way

Environmental Friendly!



Start from the top of the palet



2 rounds on the top



Wrap to the bottom with a 50% overlap



2 rounds on the bottom of the pallet (if more stability is needed, 3 or 4 rounds will do it.

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